Pedalbox - Increased throttle response for everyone!

PedalControl Pedalbox
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PedalControl US has developed the Pedalbox in order to improve throttle response in modern cars. The Pedalbox optimizes the serial signal of the electronic throttle pedal, which leads the engine control unit to a different standard setting. With the free-of-charge mobile app, you can configure the Pedalbox according to your needs.

  • Enhanced responsive behavior
  • Easy assembly
  • Enhanced acceleration
  • Mobile app control
  • Any desired number of speed levels
  • Enables quicker gear shifts
  • Sport driving performance

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Installation: Easy and instantly ready-to-use

The Pedalbox is installed with a few easy steps: Just connect the Pedalbox connectors with your vehicle’s accelerator pedal. After its installation the Pedalbox is instantly ready to use.
Enjoy the interior of your vehicle as is, without having to install any disrupting switched control modules. The Pedalbox is stored in a discrete location and is entirely invisible from within the cabin.


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