The Pedalbox

PedalControl Pedalbox

No Throttle Lag

The Pedalbox was developed in order to improve response in modern cars. The Pedalbox is an additional control unit, with multiple modes, that increases throttle response by removing delays in the accelerator, enhancing the driving experience.

Throttle response.

The Pedalbox is located between the accelerator pedal sensor and the control module and works by capturing the accelerator pedal signal and transforms it. Lots of manufacturers offer similar functions via standard “sports buttons”. The Pedalbox reduces the pedal travel necessary in order to reach a “throttle wide open” state (full throttle response). This allows the driver to exploit the full potential of the engines.


Moments of delay are a thing of the past. The signal is immediately followed by the response, giving the driver the feeling that he or she is accelerating faster. However, the torque remains the same. It is merely the response ratios that have improved.

Driving experience.

Once responsiveness has improved, driving is a lot more fun. Plus, quick acceleration without any delay gives drivers the feeling of being in better control of their vehicle.

Custom configuration.

Modifying the values set by the manufacturer therefore has advantages. The Pedalbox will meet the expectations of customers and their cars. The often delayed throttle response of modern engines is gone, while retaining the standard engine control unit.

With entirely unrestricted configurations, you can create the characteristic curve of the vehicle according to your needs.

[ Select Your Mode ]

Mode: OFF

When the Pedalbox is deactivated, your vehicle is in its original serial state. The characteristic curve that was set originally in your vehicle is processed.


Mode: ECO

You like to get your numbers right? Then the ECO-mode is exactly the thing for you. The progressively built characteristic curve does not only make it easier to start in city traffic, it also decreases the maximum consumption when you drive at full speed.



Direct responsiveness and enhanced acceleration… that is the SPORT-mode! The degressive characteristic curve offers a completely new and direct responsiveness for your vehicle.



Besides the other predesigned modes, the INDIVIDUAL-mode gives you the opportunity to save as many characteristic curves designed by you, as you want. With the graphic editor, in only a few seconds, you can give the desired shape to the entire throttle pedal characteristic curve.


Mode: KIDS

The KIDS-mode gives you the opportunity to decrease the performance of your vehicle. With a slider control you can decide on the maximum reachable performance of your vehicle and set it anywhere between 50% and 100%. The throttle pedal characteristic curve will be linear, allowing for an absolutely intuitive drive.



In the VALET-mode the performance of your vehicle is drastically reduced via any of the three buttons “10%”, “20%” and “30%”. In this way, you can still park the car, for example, without allowing for an actual ride on the street.



Protect your property from undesired use. In the THEFT-mode it is impossible to drive your vehicle. The throttle pedal characteristic curve is completely deactivated thus preventing any attempt to open the throttle.