No Throttle Lag

The PedalBox was developed in order to improve response in modern cars. The PedalBox is an additional control unit, with four user-selectable programmes, that increases throttle response by removing delays in the accelerator, enhancing driveability.

Throttle response.

The PedalBox is located between the accelerator pedal sensor and the control module and works by capturing the accelerator pedal signal and transforms it. Lots of manufacturers offer similar functions via standard “sports buttons”. The PedalBox reduces the pedal travel necessary in order to reach a “throttle wide open” state (full throttle response). This allows the driver to exploit the full potential of the engines.

Throttle response.

Moments of delay are a thing of the past. The signal is immediately followed by the response, giving the driver the feeling that he or she is accelerating faster. However, the torque remains the same. It is merely the response ratios that have improved.

Maximum efficiency.
Greater driving pleasure.

Once responsiveness has improved, driving is a lot more fun. Plus, quick acceleration without any delay gives drivers the feeling of being in better control of their vehicle.

Practical and beneficial.

Modifying the values set by the manufacturer therefore has advantages. The PedalBox will meet the expectations of customers and their cars. The often delayed throttle response of modern engines is gone, while retaining the standard engine control unit.

With the 4 preset programs City, Sport, Sport + and Stock, the accelerator tuning is immediately ready for use. By pressing the plus and minus buttons, the driver can fine-tune each program.

Choose Your Mode


Mode: City

The CITY mode is perfectly designed for stop-and-go in urban traffic. It ensures an improved low-speed range with a response programmed for economic consumption.


Mode: Sport

The SPORT mode increases the throttle acceleration already clearly and is suitable for most driving situations. The engine reacts more spontaneously: A real plus of dynamism, which the driver feels especially when overtaking.


Mode: Sport+

The SPORT+ mode has an optimized throttle response throughout the complete speed range. The response is designed for fast acceleration.


Mode: Stock

The STOCK mode sets the vehicle’s throttle response in default setting.

Customizable Throttle Curve

Choose from six levels to optimize the curve. You can increase the curve through 3 levels and reduced it through 3 levels.