Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does your phone need to be on for PedalControl to work?
A: No, your phone does not need to be on or even in the car. The mode you previously
selected is stored and active until you change it.

Q: Why does it feel like the PedalControl is off when I first start vehicle?
A: PedalControl has a “Safety Start” built in, “Safety Start” is there to prevent an over
sensitive throttle at first start (Example, tight parking spot, different driver not aware
of higher throttle setting.) Once you start the vehicle and the PedalControl receives
driver throttle input, the device turns on. Most people never feel the “Safety Start”
unless they are just putting around with little to no throttle input;-)

Q: Can “Safety Start” be permanently disabled?
A: For safety concerns “Safety Start” can not be completely disabled. It’s a great
feature that most people never even notice.

Q: Can I remotely kill the gas pedal if the vehicle is stolen?
A: No, “Theft” mode will only turn the gas pedal signal off when its within Bluetooth range.

Q: Will PedalControl work with multiple drivers and phones?
A: Yes, you can pair different devices to the PedalControl but each user will need
the password.

Q: What happens if I forget the password?
A: Try the default (123456) if that doesn’t work and you get locked out it will need to
be shipped in to be unlocked, call in advance.

Q: Can my vehicle still be driven away in “theft” mode?
A: If your vehicle is stolen the vehicle will roll away under engine idle RPM, but gas
pedal will not accelerate.

Q: Will PedalControl void my warranty?
A: While you should not experience any warranty issues always refer to your warranties
fine print and the Magnuson-Moss Act regarding aftermarket installed parts.

Q: Can I switch modes while driving?
A: Technically yes, but switching between modes should be done with foot off of the
gas pedal and ideally parked to avoid distractions while driving.

Q: How many “Individual” modes can I create?
A: More than you will need.

Q: What happens if I leave the PC in Theft mode and someone else gets in to
drive but they have the app?
A: The other person will need to have the PedalControl app and know the passcode
to connect and get the PedalControl out of Theft mode.